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Owner and Founder, Sara Chaplin's journey into yoga began soon after college, and from the start, it deeply resonated with her. The practice addressed a longing within, providing a supportive haven to release tension, alleviate stress, and reconnect with her authentic self. Since 2004, Sara has immersed herself in an ongoing exploration of both the physical and philosophical dimensions of yoga.

Stepping onto the mat, Sara infuses her practice with a delightful mix of lightheartedness and playfulness. Her aim is to cultivate a welcoming space where practitioners can relax, allowing the practice to transcend mere physical movement and become a conduit for embracing the present moment. Always an eager learner, Sara approaches each class with curiosity, seeking new insights and personal growth.


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Our core values

Authentic Connection:

We believe in the power of authentic connections. Our events provide a platform for individuals to connect with themselves, others, and the natural surroundings.


We celebrate diversity and create an inclusive community where everyone feels accepted and supported.

Joyful Exploration:

Our events & retreats are not just about physical postures but also about the joy of exploring the mind, body, and spirit, creating an enriching and transformative experience for every participant.

Balanced Lifestyle:

Our programs incorporate elements beyond yoga, encouraging participants to embrace a well-rounded approach to health and wellness, including nutritious cuisine, outdoor activities, and rejuvenating relaxation.

Gratitude and Mindfulness:

Expressing gratitude for the present moment and cultivating a mindful attitude are integral aspects of our events & retreats, enhancing the overall experience and fostering a positive, uplifting community.


We aspire to inspire positive transformation. Through immersive experiences, and a supportive community, we aim to ignite the spark of inspiration that fuels lasting positive change.

Rooted in inclusivity, compassion, and mindful living, our retreats & events offer a holistic blend of yoga, community, and sustainability.

With expert guidance, joyful exploration, and a commitment to positive change, we create a nurturing space where individuals thrive.

Join us for a journey of balance, connection, and lasting well-being beyond the mat.

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Our Mission

Community connection inspired through transformative well-being.

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Thinking about joining this yoga retreat? DO IT!

- Kate Foster

 I have had many ask me 'how was it?' and it has been so hard to find the right words to capture such a deep and restorative experience. To be led by such intuitive and generous humans made a great experience exceptional.

I left feeling more connected to myself, community and my purpose. I went into this thinking I was going to do a lot of yoga in a beautiful space and I left with a new way of viewing the world.

This was my first retreat and had no idea what to expect.

- Jeannette De Luca

This exceeded all of my expectations.

The focus was to 'Let in and let go'.

This retreat provided that and so much more. It was enlightening, restorative, and mindful within a community of diverse people all aimed at interpersonal growth.

Assemble was my first retreat that I have ever gone on 

- Nikki Wong

and it was such a remarkable and memorable experience.

I can't wait until I am able to go on another one with Assemble.

Sara has done a wonderful job in bringing community together. She goes above and beyond making you feel welcomed, loved and safe. She ensures that you're taken care in terms of arrangements prior, during and after the trip.

If you have not yet booked a retreat with Sara at Assemble, you must do so ASAP as you definitely won't regret it! You'll come back feeling fulfilled, rejuvenated, restored and grateful.

The retreat was a thoughtfully crafted,

- April Stuck

beautiful experience balancing movement, breath, and reflection in a gorgeous location. I was able to rest and reset while also working on my own personal growth.